Memorial Day Red, White and Blue Cocktail

Memorial Day is around the corner! Time for parties and BBQ's to fire up! Want to impress? How about two sensational cocktail recipes that were found on the recipe cards at Publix Grocery Store. These red white and blue drink recipes are a hit, and the names will have everyone in the spirit! Red,White,and Blue Cocktail Ingredients 1 oz of rum 2 oz pina colada mix 1 cup of crushed ice 2 oz red grenadine 1/2 oz blue curacao To... read more

Bra Straps Falling Down? Solution to Stop Slipping Bra Straps

Bra straps slipping off your shoulders is a common problem on petite narrow shoulders or on women with sloped shoulders.  Here is our favorite solution for that. Attach our designer bra straps so that they cross over in back, forming an x. For a great video on what this looks like on a moving model, click here. read more

Bra Accessories are a hot trend

  Australia's models are flaunting decorative bra straps!  At Strappys we've known that a decorative bra strap added to a strapless bra will not only make you look classy, but it will keep your strapless bra in place.  Add another classy reason to wear a beautiful bra strap on your strapless bra.   "If your bra straps are going to show , then they should be beautiful.  Why not wear a beautiful accessory, rather than worry about your ugly bra... read more

10 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

10 easy tips to continue wearing your summer clothes but transition the look to fall.  One of our favorite websites is Fabulous after 40. Deborah Boland is a Style Expert who gives excellent fashion advice to women of all ages who like to feel confident in their clothing.  We found most of these tips on her site. 10 Smart and Easy Fashion Tips Top your sundress with a cute denim jacket or blazer, or cinch a cardigan with a thin... read more

Check out Great Gatsby Fashion Bra Straps

Are you loving The Great Gatsby, Roaring 20's influence on clothing and accessories?  How did they wear those flapper dresses without their bra straps showing.  It's hard to do the Charleston in a strapless bra or bra-less!  Luckily today, the easiest accessory to wear to complete your Great Gatsby Chic look, is a pair of diamond bra straps. Strappys rhinestone or beaded bra straps will help keep that strapless bra in place and update some of your simpler clothing to... read more

Black Bra Straps on Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue and her black bra straps were on display in New York City.  Most of the major press sources reported the look as shocking. Headlines for her look read, "Kylie bares her bra at fashion launch" - "Kylie Minogue flashes her bra straps in New York City" "Kylie bears her boulder holders at fashion launch." But we really loved the subtitle that said it all - Kylie should be able to afford a strapless bra. Our most recent post... read more

Don't get Busted with "ugly" Bra Straps Showing if you Want to Be Fabulous after 40

 May 6, 2013  One of our favorite websites is Fabulous after 40 (www.fabulousafter40.com).  Deborah Boland's fashion advice to tweak your chic and dump the frump is perfect for any woman who wants to dress fashionably and feel fabulous.  Trying to decide what to wear for Mother's Day Brunch?  Check out the suggestions and picture boards from their latest contest winners. Their contests are really cool.  They invite readers to unleash their creative side by designing Polyvore creations.  Not sure what... read more

Check out this Prom date in her Diamond Bra Straps for Prom

  April 22, 2013 Yes, Strappys has Prom bra straps. And no your regular bra strap should not be showing at Prom.  Moms call all the time because they bought their daughter a beautiful strapless dress for Prom.  Now the young lady feels uncomfortable with just a strapless bra and no straps!  No worries, with Strappys  you have the option of attaching the straps to your bra or your dress.  Personally, I prefer the bra option because losing your strapless... read more

Strappys Decorative Bra Straps as a Fabulous Fashion Fix/New York TV/video

April 15, 2013  Hook Strappys to your strapless bra and let your bra straps show.  Our beautiful diamond bra straps are jewelry for your shoulders.  So much better than a tacky clear strap bra!   Jenny Moore, a Lifestyle Expert, and designer/inventor of her own fabulous products BlingWraps and BlingDots, brought Strappys into her list of Fabulous Fashion Fixes.  Jenny's products, under the company name of BlingGuard, are jewelry fixes that every woman needs.  BlingDots will help support and stabilize your... read more

Words of Wisdom from a Costume Designer Bra Strap Showing or Not?

 April 2, 2013  Jenn Rogien creates the wardrobes for the show "Girls" on HBO.  Evidently the 'girls' spend a lot of time with their underwear and bra straps showing. Think "Sex in the City". She has a lot of good advice in this Associated Press article about how to wear your undergarments and get the right look and fit. Of course, here at Strappys we had to agree completely with this statement   —If your bra strap is showing, make sure... read more
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