April 22, 2013 Yes, Strappys has Prom bra straps. And no your regular bra strap should not be showing at Prom.  Moms call all the time because they bought their daughter a beautiful strapless dress for Prom.  Now the young lady feels uncomfortable with just a strapless bra and no straps!  No worries, with Strappys  you have the option of attaching the straps to your bra or your dress.  Personally, I prefer the bra option because losing your strapless bra while dancing is similar to that dream you had where you show up at school without underwear, in a dress!


Some schools require that all dresses be worn with straps.  As you know some dresses are not made with straps.  You could get straps sewn. Why not just sew in some fabric loops to the front and back of the dress and attach a beautiful diamond bra strap?  Or pearl bra strap?  This is Lexi from Pennsylvania.  Her Mom mailed this picture after they chose the Elegant Bling Bra Straps for Lexi's Prom dress.  We love how she sparkles and shines - beautiful from the inside out!