April 15, 2013  Hook Strappys to your strapless bra and let your bra straps show.  Our beautiful diamond bra straps are jewelry for your shoulders.  So much better than a tacky clear strap bra!  

Jenny Moore, a Lifestyle Expert, and designer/inventor of her own fabulous products BlingWraps and BlingDots, brought Strappys into her list of Fabulous Fashion Fixes.  Jenny's products, under the company name of BlingGuard, are jewelry fixes that every woman needs.  BlingDots will help support and stabilize your earrings.  They work great for posts that droop on your ear and even better for heavier styles of earrings that seem to weigh your ear down.  You'll love the fact that you can now wear all of your earrings comfortably.  As for those rings that slip to slide or slip right off when you wear them?  BlingWraps to the rescue.These invisible wraps will keep the jewels of your ring on top where they belong.  And better yet you'll go out with confidence that you won't lose your favorite ring!

What I love about Jenny, is that she really gets the importance of being able to wear what you already own - a fashion fixer I would call her! Her products are about being able to wear the jewelry you now own with confidence.  Strappys were designed with the same idea in mind.  By wearing embellished bra straps, women can go out with confidence and not worry about hiding their bra straps.  Let your bling bra straps show and wear all your favorite clothes!