Kylie Minogue and her black bra straps were on display in New York City.  Most of the major press sources reported the look as shocking. Headlines for her look read, "Kylie bares her bra at fashion launch" - "Kylie Minogue flashes her bra straps in New York City" "Kylie bears her boulder holders at fashion launch." But we really loved the subtitle that said it all - Kylie should be able to afford a strapless bra.

Our most recent post mentioned that to be Fabulous after 40, one shouldn't be running around with bra straps on display.  So why was Kylie Minogue, at 44, doing a fashion launch in her black bra?  She must not know about the magical transformation that comes about when you add designer bra straps by Strappys to your strapless dress!  

Do you get that strange feeling that you're looking at a perfect paper doll that was already dressed in gorgeous earrings and shoes and the only outfit left to dress her in was a green striped dress with black bra straps attached to it?