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Brides and bridesmaids will love our collection of bridal bra straps. Wear them with your gown or coming out attire. And don’t forget to check out our full selection of straps for your honeymoon.

As for bridesmaids who need a little more support, steer away from clear bra straps. They are not invisible and will stand out in photographs. Try shoulder jewelry bra straps with pearls, rhinestones or beads. Our decorative bra straps are the perfect bridal accessory for gals who need to wear a bra but don’t want to spend the entire occasion battling to keep their strapless in place.

“I bought the rhinestone straps to wear on my dress to my reception. Worked out great. My dress stayed in place and I was free to enjoy my celebration.” Missy

“I bought these as bridesmaids gifts. They’d never seen jeweled bra straps before. A big hit.” G.

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