Stretch Your Holiday Fashion Dollars

December 21, 2012  You can save money without skimping on style this holiday season. Whether your look is sophisticated elegance or fun and festive, Strappys Decorative Bra Straps, will make sure you have a put-together look without draining your gift-giving fund.  Accessorize with Key Holiday Elements Stretch your fashion budget by purchasing a few key accessories that will add holiday sophistication to any outfit. This season, the best holiday accessory to have on hand is a collection of fashion bra straps – beads, jewels,faceted stones or... read more

Holiday Contest and Giveaway

December 1, 2012  Bra Straps will be discounted in a flash sale type deal each day for the first 12 days of December during the 12 Days of Merry Celebration.  But Strappys didn't stop there!  Strappys is offering every customer who purchases at during the month of December, an entry into a drawing for a $200 Nordstrom Gift Card. Strappys wanted to do a holiday giveaway to thank it's loyal shoppers for their repeat purchases and to offer a... read more


Black Friday Shopping at

November 21, 2012 Black Friday Shopping, online discounts, Cyber Monday...  Shopping is so much fun at this time of year.   Strappys has been selling fashion bra straps and accessorizing women for 6 years!   If you are a customer or one of our 'tribe' as we would say, then you are in tune with our Facebook page  and the regular Flash Sales we promote there.  However, Black Friday is the best day to shop and stock up on bra straps... read more

Fashion Bra Straps almost as clever as the Nipple Bra, Doodle Bra, Joey Bra?

November 13, 2012  We thought we were pretty clever with our fashion bra straps by Strappys Decorative Bra Straps!  But check out some of these finds. You might want to sit down and be ready to forward to your BFF so she can share a laugh with you. In the 1970’s it appears that having your nipples protrude from your shirt was a positive. Check out this product that once sold in America for $20.  Here are a few quotes... read more

Halloween Inspiration and Costume Bra Straps

October 21, 2012  If you want to get your sexy on in your Halloween costume,  it's your chance to wear something fun and exciting without judgement!  So while you're flaunting your stuff, please don't flaunt your ugly bra straps.  You've got better choices!! All of these costumes will turn heads. Now let's really get their attention with the right bra strap.  You know that beige or black bra strap that's a little frayed, twisted and even dirty is going to... read more

Fall Fashion Combinations Found in this Fashion Bra Strap

  October 15, 2012 Are you looking at the upcoming season and wondering where these color combinations are originating?  Really, who puts an electric royal blue with that florescent yellow we keep seeing?  If you are having trouble with bright hues on your tights and just want to keep to all over flattering dark colors we have a few ideas for you.  We can all stay on trend without stepping more than one foot out of our comfort zone. Add... read more

Own your look- Jennifer Garner keeps it real in post baby swimsuit

  October 3, 2012 Keeping it real: Jennifer Garner plays both sides of our reality. Being a woman is a wonderful and painful existence. We choose to stay on the positive side of life here at Strappys Decorative Bra Straps. When we don’t like what we have or get, we work hard to change it. Having said that, we sigh in agreement with all the women of America and even US Magazine when we say “Thank you, Jennifer Garner”. US... read more

Should Your Bra Straps Show? Should you wear clear bra straps?-- Coffee Shop Conversation

  September 26, 2012 We stumbled upon a recent blog post by ExPress-O by Diana Meiczan.  She shares the following story. “The other day while waiting for a friend in a cafe I overheard a couple of guys complimenting a girl's outfit. They found the look attractive and said that even though the girl wore shorts and a loose top, the peek-a-boo bra strap element made the whole look sexy in a classy way.” Well, what do you think?  Should... read more

Nail Art –Can it be this easy?

  September 24, 2012 The new DIY Nail Art techniques are pretty cool! Have you seen this one?  You just paint nails a light color, apply newspaper strips to nails, lay a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol on paper strips. After the ink has bled through remove the cotton and paper.   Next, coat the nail with clear top coat to seal the treatment.  Easy- peasy and a statement piece for sure.   Do be sure to reapply that clear coat... read more

Wearing Fall Color- Trends 2012

    Isn’t if fun to transition into a new season?  We get to expand our wardrobes into new creations as we mix two seasons together.  We don’t always love the extra clothing but layers are  necessary as we never know how the weather will change. However they do create opportunity for new looks we may not have considered.  Here are the Pantone colors for Fall 2012 to get you inspired and on top of trends as you step out to... read more
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