A thank you note from Mrs. Ohio America

Beauty pageant contestants in the Mrs. America pageant are chosen to embody the idea that "America's 70 million married women are extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile."  Mrs. Melanie Miller, the new reigning queen of the Mrs. Ohio America pageant 2011 sent a note to Strappys thanking them for their participation in the pageant and for the pair of straps that she personally received.  That's classy. Strappys Decorative Bra Straps was asked to sponsor the Mrs. Ohio America pageant after one... read more

Save Time with Permanent Cosmetics

Nothing is more frustrating in the morning than running late and trying to apply your makeup neatly for the busy day ahead. You don't want to be at a meeting and have  someone tell you your mascara is running. That's just not attractive! There are many reasons women are opting for permanent makeup and semi-permanent eyelashes. Simplyfablife had an interview with a mother and daughter who did the permanent makeup and love it. Permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo meant... read more

Clear Bra Straps are Clearly not Invisible or Transparent

Clear strap bras with a clear bra strap or transparent bra strap are not an invisible bra strap solution!  Let's face it, invisibility in clothing is a rather made up idea.  So why are women wearing clear bra straps as a fashion accessory? I believe it's because they don't know that a better solution to their problem exists.  When going out in a strapless bra, women have to give up comfort, shaping and confidence.  It's hard to feel confident when... read more

7 Steps to The Beach Hair Look

The hottest new summer hair style for medium to long length hair is sporting the look of hair that has been at the beach all day, kissed by the perfect breeze and sunlight. Hair stylist Wesley with Free people is featured in a YouTube tutorial teaching these 7 easy steps for Beach Hair. While there are many variations by stylist to achieve this tousled look, Wesley's is easy to follow and gives fantastic results that last. Grab a curling iron... read more

5 Tips on a Budget for Looking Younger

We all want younger looking skin and the latest products to help us maintain our appearance.  The cost of these  products could really break the bank! A few simple tips though can keep you looking great and holding on to your pay checks much longer. 1. Lipsticks work best on conditioned/moisturized lips. Buying a favorite shade plus a moisturizing primer could cost over $20.00.  Use chapstick or a plumper like Carmex under your lipsticks at an average price of $2.00... read more

How To - Do Your Own Updo's

March is such the perfect month for a vacation. Do you think it's all those years of school and waiting for spring break?   I can't think of any easier vacation than taking a cruise. No cooking or cleaning and everyone waits on YOU.  All you have to do is show up and look good for dinner. If you cruise on a ship that has formal dining, you'll see lots of updo's that gals paid heavily for in the salon.... read more

How to Get Soft Natural Curls

So the 80's passed with the curly perms.  Then came the straightening period.  Now it seems that natural, soft, wavy curls are all over the models.  OK - they are NOT natural.  They are styled and you too can have them with a little patience and a curling iron.  It seems the key to having a more natural looking curl whle using a curling iron, is to wrap the hair around the barrel rather than to clamp and roll the... read more

Over 40 and Fabulous

This has been a popular headline with so many actresses over 40 looking just fabulous at the Emmys.  It's true that 40 may be the new 30.  According to 60 Minutes correspondent Andy Rooney, he values women over 40 most of all. Here were a few of his reasons: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask,'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't... read more
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