Beauty pageant contestants in the Mrs. America pageant are chosen to embody the idea that "America's 70 million married women are extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile."  Mrs. Melanie Miller, the new reigning queen of the Mrs. Ohio America pageant 2011 sent a note to Strappys thanking them for their participation in the pageant and for the pair of straps that she personally received.  That's classy.

Strappys Decorative Bra Straps was asked to sponsor the Mrs. Ohio America pageant after one of the Directors spotted Strappys in 2009 and became a fan herself. Strappys  have adorned the shoulders of tv and movie stars.  They’ve been featured on radio and in magazines.  The message that wearing Strappys conveys is simple, “I’m a beautiful, classy gal who cares about the details of how I look.”  So of course they should adorn the shoulders of beauty queens.  We can't all wear a rhinestone tiara, but we ought to be able to wear rhinestone bra straps. Right?

The Mrs. America pageant has an online voting segment similar to American Idol. Vote for Melanie Miller, Mrs. Ohio America 2011!!! VOTE FOR AMERICA'S CHOICE STARTING ON MARCH 21st GO TO to VOTE - The lucky 2 top vote getters of AMERICA'S CHOICE will get a big prize.... placement in the semi finals on April 14th!!!  The beauty pageant takes place on Mother's Day.