10 Tiny Changes for Big Weight Loss

Turbo Jam™ trainer Chalene Johnson recommends taking baby steps to eat more healthfully. If you "slip," get immediately back on track. Never let a vacation or a special holiday be an excuse to overdo it the entire time. Go ahead, enjoy the occasional indulgence, but keep it reasonable. Here are 10 tiny changes you can make for big weight loss. Wait 2 minutes. Cravings will disappear after two minutes if you walk away and turn your attention elsewhere. W.I.W.M. When... read more

1400 Calories a Day to Lose a Pound a Week

Weight loss season has officially begun. Have you tried to get parking at your local GYM lately?  Everyone has the same New Year's Resolution it seems.  This year I decided I was going to jump on that bandwagon too. I might as well get rid of those extra pounds rather than get used to them!  I decided if I was going to have a resolution to lose weight I had to have a goal, a plan and a way to... read more
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