Temporary Tattoos - Chanel or Angelina?

For ladies of impeccable style there is a new trend on the catwalk for 2010 accessories- temporary tattoos! You can bring out your inner Angelina Jolie without the pain and long lasting reminder of a real tattoo. A temporary tattoo is transferred on to the skin by pressing the tattoo in place and using a damp cloth to transfer the design on the skins surface. These tattoos last about 3-5 days and can be easily washed off with soap and... read more

Trying to Rock that One Shoulder Top - Check The Hills Fashion

The one shoulder or off the shoulder look can be very sexy.  But how sexy can you feel when your strapless is sagging down on one side making you look lopsided?  Hold 'em up there baby with Strappys Decorative Bra Straps.  Check out Kristin on The Hills.  Her gold chain bra strap actually added to the look of her off the shoulder top.  Her bra is in place and she looks like a well accessorized gal.  Get this look with... read more

Even Kate Moss is distressed by visible bra straps

I just came across this article from the English Telegraph.  Kate Moss is known for not speaking on record to reporters.  She's also known as one of the hottest super models ever.  Discovered at the age of 14, she is now 35 and just needing to wear a bra! While being interviewed for her 9th collection for Topshop and her spring collection opening, here are some quotes from her interview...'For the first time I am having to wear a bra,'... read more

Here's A Quick Way to Have a Purse You Can Be Proud Of - MILK it!

No I'm not talking about spending a fortune on the latest IT Bag.  Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't drop major coin on this beautiful Prada purse.  But yes, I love it!  I'm talking about the INSIDE organization of your purse. I found it embarrasing after a while to open my purse and have to dig through everything to find my wallet or keys or my singing cell phone.  I also noticed that people will look inside your purse... read more

Do's and Don'ts for Getting Glammed Up for Night

I just love the videos on It's a Glam Thing.  Dimitri James from Skinn Cosmetics does a 3 part webisode about getting glam.  This is episode 2 and it will show you what to wear for a Glam Night Out.  He gives great tips on how not to add weight with sparkles and rhinestones.  Tells you what type of strappy sandals you should wear - based on your leg type.  But by far, the best part of the video is... read more
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