Black Friday Shopping at Strappys.com

November 21, 2012 Black Friday Shopping, online discounts, Cyber Monday...  Shopping is so much fun at this time of year.   Strappys has been selling fashion bra straps and accessorizing women for 6 years!   If you are a customer or one of our 'tribe' as we would say, then you are in tune with our Facebook page  and the regular Flash Sales we promote there.  However, Black Friday is the best day to shop and stock up on bra straps... read more

Own your look- Jennifer Garner keeps it real in post baby swimsuit

  October 3, 2012 Keeping it real: Jennifer Garner plays both sides of our reality. Being a woman is a wonderful and painful existence. We choose to stay on the positive side of life here at Strappys Decorative Bra Straps. When we don’t like what we have or get, we work hard to change it. Having said that, we sigh in agreement with all the women of America and even US Magazine when we say “Thank you, Jennifer Garner”. US... read more

A Great Comfortable Bra for Decorative Bra Straps

  Strappys has added a one size fits all, very comfortable covertible bra line to its website.The Coobie Bra is designed with lace along the top, no seams and a one size fits all stretch.  The bra works great with Strappys Decorative Bra Straps as it has removable, simply plain bra straps that allow one to dress up the bra with any strap you choose.  Strappys has about 50 different combinations for you!  Try beaded bra straps criss- crossed in... read more

Clear Bra Straps are Clearly not Invisible or Transparent

Clear strap bras with a clear bra strap or transparent bra strap are not an invisible bra strap solution!  Let's face it, invisibility in clothing is a rather made up idea.  So why are women wearing clear bra straps as a fashion accessory? I believe it's because they don't know that a better solution to their problem exists.  When going out in a strapless bra, women have to give up comfort, shaping and confidence.  It's hard to feel confident when... read more

Bra Accessory as Fashion Accessory

Stretch your fashion budget by purchasing a few key accessories that will add sophistication to any outfit. For the spring/summer seasons, the best accessory to have on hand is a collection of decorative interchangeable bra straps – beaded, jeweled, rhinestones or gold chain straps can instantly turn an ordinary outfit into a  fashion statement. Go to www.strappys.com for the full selection of shoulder jewelry bra straps that will enhance anything from your favorite tank tops to your off the shoulder black dress.... read more

Trying to Rock that One Shoulder Top - Check The Hills Fashion

The one shoulder or off the shoulder look can be very sexy.  But how sexy can you feel when your strapless is sagging down on one side making you look lopsided?  Hold 'em up there baby with Strappys Decorative Bra Straps.  Check out Kristin on The Hills.  Her gold chain bra strap actually added to the look of her off the shoulder top.  Her bra is in place and she looks like a well accessorized gal.  Get this look with... read more

Strappys Decorative Bra Straps Seen on The Red Carpet

Actress, singer, model, hottie, Liana Mendoza was seen on the Red Carpet for her movie premiere "Drag Me To Hell" (in theatres, August 29).   She looked beautiful and confident in Trendy Circles bra straps from Strappys Decorative Bra Straps. See, she knows better than to match her bra straps to her shoes.  Make an accessories statement.  Classy gal, I like that. So where else can you see Liana on the big screen?  The Mail Man due out this fall. ... read more

Strappys Decorative Bra Straps Goes to the Academy Awards

Well sorta...  Strappys was selected to offer its unique line of interchangeable bra straps to entertainment celebritites in honor of the Oscar's.  More than 75 VIP's chose to take home a pair of Strappys Decorative Bra Straps in their gift bags. This spring you may see this fashion accessory on some noticeable shoulders. Celeb favorites were the Trendy Circles and Rhinestone straps.  Kara DioGuardi (American Idol's newest judge) chose the Trendy Circles because they "rocked it the most".  Camryn Manheim... read more

Black Friday shopping tips PLUS a Holiday Gift Guide

For some great holiday shopping tips, from budgeting to what to buy, you must check out Jennifer Melnick Carotas site the Gift Therapist.  What is a gift therapist?  Well, we can all use some type of therapy when it comes to gift giving as there are so many extremes, from spending more than we can afford on gifts to buying so many gifts that you're not quite sure who you're giving them all to.  Or some people become so stressed... read more


Bra Straps To Match or Make Your Outfit...Evening Elegance or Casual Chic Interchangeable bra straps that attach to your convertible or strapless bra You will turn heads in simple tanks, designer off the shoulder tops, evening or bridal wear You can wear that gorgeous "little black dress" without worrying about losing your strapless bra You don't have to lose the bra AND lose your shape and support - attach a Strappy to your favorite bra Say goodbye to the frustration... read more
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