Stretch Your Holiday Fashion Dollars

December 21, 2012  You can save money without skimping on style this holiday season. Whether your look is sophisticated elegance or fun and festive, Strappys Decorative Bra Straps, will make sure you have a put-together look without draining your gift-giving fund.  Accessorize with Key Holiday Elements Stretch your fashion budget by purchasing a few key accessories that will add holiday sophistication to any outfit. This season, the best holiday accessory to have on hand is a collection of fashion bra straps – beads, jewels,faceted stones or... read more

Should Your Bra Straps Show? Should you wear clear bra straps?-- Coffee Shop Conversation

  September 26, 2012 We stumbled upon a recent blog post by ExPress-O by Diana Meiczan.  She shares the following story. “The other day while waiting for a friend in a cafe I overheard a couple of guys complimenting a girl's outfit. They found the look attractive and said that even though the girl wore shorts and a loose top, the peek-a-boo bra strap element made the whole look sexy in a classy way.” Well, what do you think?  Should... read more

Sizzling Summer Beauty and Style Must Haves for 2012

  Now that the 4th of July has come and gone, we have one more holiday party – Labor Day Weekend.  However, let’s not forget all the summer fashion fun before then.  We still have many opportunities to look and dress our best for summer 2012. We have compiled some summer fashion and beauty must haves to get you through these last warm (or HOT) months. 1.)   A healthy summer glow is for everyone.  At Strappys we know women come... read more

Rhinestone Bra Straps for Holiday Attire

  Rhinestone bra straps that attach to your strapless bra are a great way to update your look this holiday season.  Simple tops with great accessories are an easy way to look festive without buying that crazy holiday sweater you’ll wear once. For instance, everyone has a black tank top of some kind in their wardrobe.  Add a glamorous bra strap to a tank top and you’re immediately dressed up. Colder climates often require a little more coverage so try... read more


Which Hollywood Star style are you? Try to Identify Yourself

Check out past stars and today's star styles below. Once you identify yourself, choosing a decorative bra strap from Strappys line is easy. We'll supply the Strappys bra strap recommendation to finish off your look. The Bombshell- She may look a little unkempt and even have a bra strap showing but she stops traffic with her curves and figure revealing clothing.  Past Stars who are the embodiment of this style are Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch.  Today's stars are Angelina... read more

A thank you note from Mrs. Ohio America

Beauty pageant contestants in the Mrs. America pageant are chosen to embody the idea that "America's 70 million married women are extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile."  Mrs. Melanie Miller, the new reigning queen of the Mrs. Ohio America pageant 2011 sent a note to Strappys thanking them for their participation in the pageant and for the pair of straps that she personally received.  That's classy. Strappys Decorative Bra Straps was asked to sponsor the Mrs. Ohio America pageant after one... read more

Clear Bra Straps are Clearly not Invisible or Transparent

Clear strap bras with a clear bra strap or transparent bra strap are not an invisible bra strap solution!  Let's face it, invisibility in clothing is a rather made up idea.  So why are women wearing clear bra straps as a fashion accessory? I believe it's because they don't know that a better solution to their problem exists.  When going out in a strapless bra, women have to give up comfort, shaping and confidence.  It's hard to feel confident when... read more

Bra Accessory as Fashion Accessory

Stretch your fashion budget by purchasing a few key accessories that will add sophistication to any outfit. For the spring/summer seasons, the best accessory to have on hand is a collection of decorative interchangeable bra straps – beaded, jeweled, rhinestones or gold chain straps can instantly turn an ordinary outfit into a  fashion statement. Go to for the full selection of shoulder jewelry bra straps that will enhance anything from your favorite tank tops to your off the shoulder black dress.... read more


Bra Straps To Match or Make Your Outfit...Evening Elegance or Casual Chic Interchangeable bra straps that attach to your convertible or strapless bra You will turn heads in simple tanks, designer off the shoulder tops, evening or bridal wear You can wear that gorgeous "little black dress" without worrying about losing your strapless bra You don't have to lose the bra AND lose your shape and support - attach a Strappy to your favorite bra Say goodbye to the frustration... read more
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