Do You Go Commando? Tired of Panty Lines?

If you do go commando you  tired of the panty lines already.  If you don't you may have said, "Something needs to come between me and my Calvin Kleins, or perhaps Hudsons!" But here is a comfortable, sanitary, sexy way to go panty free...go Commandos Patches. They are a revolutionary, uniquely- shaped, disposable cotton patch that securely sticks in the curved crotch seam of your jeans or pants so you can go underwear free in cotton comfort and protection, the... read more

Do's and Don'ts for Getting Glammed Up for Night

I just love the videos on It's a Glam Thing.  Dimitri James from Skinn Cosmetics does a 3 part webisode about getting glam.  This is episode 2 and it will show you what to wear for a Glam Night Out.  He gives great tips on how not to add weight with sparkles and rhinestones.  Tells you what type of strappy sandals you should wear - based on your leg type.  But by far, the best part of the video is... read more

Some Stars have a BOOTY that will make your eyes POP

Why does it seem that every gal I know has a cute round butt? They all complain that it's a pain to have this cute little butt. I always call them on it and say, "No way, you've skated through life for 35 years with people commenting on how cute your butt is. Do NOT tell me you are dissatisfied. I'm not buying it."Well, this is something I am buying, BOOTY POP Panties. Will my booty look as good as... read more

Stop frustrating Heel Wedgies!

OK, I haven't worn long pants in months. But I have to say I'm looking forward to donning some of my favorite jeans. I bought the cutest clogs last year and found it so frustrating that the hem of my jeans would get bunched up in the back of my shoe. This also happened whenever I put on shoes with pants. Living in San Diego, I wore two types of shoes - basic flip flops and open toe shoes with... read more

Strappys were the original fashion solution

I guess this Fashion meets Function blog came together because I like things to be functional. I'm not a real frilly over the top kind of gal. But as a gal we have a hard time not falling for pretty or sexy or cool fashions and accessories. I always try to remember the mantra of needs vs. wants and be reasonable. Of course, when the item I'm desiring has a specific purpose, it sure helps me to justify that the... read more

Button Up with Bosom Button

I found the Bosom Button when I was featured alongside them in Smart Woman Magazine's Gift Guide. The Bosom Button is a functional accessory to minimize bosom exposure. OK, so those of you with cleavage know that it can sure be nice to have cleavage to expose. Some of us actually work at this - but, another topic for another day! Well, it isn't always classy or practical to let it all hang out. The Bosom Button is a simple... read more

Stay hip and classy with this little t-shirt

So I found another cool item I must talk about. It's the hip-T. It covers your assets and cleans up the rear view for everyone's viewing pleasure. When you bend over in those low rise jeans you don't want that thong (or God forbid, gasp, those granny panties) playing peek-a boo. The hip-T is basically a half tank with lace trim that covers where you need it. It's great to lengthen those old really pretty camisole tanks that you can't... read more

SHOES with interchangeable tops!!!

WOW! bras with interchangeable straps can really up the fashion statement, but shoes really are the thing that most women can't resist.  So check this out. Onesole offers you the choice of about 7 different soles and I can't even count how many tops they have.  They range from clog tops to monograms and collegiate emblems.  There are even US Post Office stamp inspired tops.  Of course I love the tops called strappies, of which there are 26 options to... read more
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