For ladies of impeccable style there is a new trend on the catwalk for 2010 accessories- temporary tattoos! You can bring out your inner Angelina Jolie without the pain and long lasting reminder of a real tattoo. A temporary tattoo is transferred on to the skin by pressing the tattoo in place and using a damp cloth to transfer the design on the skins surface. These tattoos last about 3-5 days and can be easily washed off with soap and water or baby oil. They pose no harmful effects and are fun and safe for all ages to enjoy ( take a look at our article on how these tattoos can help identify a child while at a crowded event or vacation.) Think of the statement you could make at a party or event with the right design and colors, the options are endless.

Coco Chanel spells high-end taste and class, and is now the leader in a designer temporary tattoo. That's right, Chanel is making designer tattoos and they are hot! The collection went on sale March 1st at Selfridges and features the iconic Chanel logo the double C's,lace,rosary beads, birds and Karl Lagerfeld's treasured chains. They are as high-end as the name bears and the costs reflects this at a charge of $78.00. There is a vote being conducted on their site to see if you would wear them and if the costs is justified. The majority of votes were against the high charge and didn't know if they wanted to print a company logo on their skin. Some trendy ladies thought if they were going to sport a tattoo Chanel is the only way to go to keep it classy.

The choice of a Henna tattoos is the most controversial as the fast staining "black Henna" can contain para-phenylenediamine (PPD)which may cause an allergic reaction and scarring. Air brushed tattoos last the longest and give the artist full range for detail. The transferred temporary tattoo is still the most popular and easiest to obtain and apply. With all these options including Chanel why not sport a temporary look and have some fun fooling your friends! Butterfly or classic Chanel ladies?