I'm going to get right to the point here - fill out that application when they are about 3 months old.  I'm not kidding.  If you want to enroll your child in preschool at age 3 you need to take into consideration that there is often a 2 year plus waiting list to get into many schools.  After moving I decided to "look into" the charter schools in our area.  Oh, I found a good one and went to interview the school.  My son is on the list but "there are more children on our list for elementary school, than there are students in the school."  He might get admitted in 7th grade!

But seriously, when you're in nesting instinct mode and you start looking at schools, put your name on the list.

I was reminded of all this when talking with friends in West LA.  They were looking at preschools for their son who is 18 months old and they're worried about the 2 year waiting list.  All I could say was "Oh yea, that's something I should have pointed out to you at his birth."So I'm pointing it out now to anyone who is listening.  Just get on the list.  And if you're having twins get on the list even sooner.]]>