I just came across this article from the English Telegraph.  Kate Moss is known for not speaking on record to reporters.  She's also known as one of the hottest super models ever.  Discovered at the age of 14, she is now 35 and just needing to wear a bra!

While being interviewed for her 9th collection for Topshop and her spring collection opening, here are some quotes from her interview...'For the first time I am having to wear a bra,' Moss crows, appraising her reflection in the mirror. 'They just grew overnight. It's great. I put on a few pounds and it went on all the right places - my boobs!' But there is a downside. She now has to contend with visible bra straps. 'Oh no! Look,' she says, glancing at the rear view of the vest. 'F***. Bollocks. My straps are showing.'

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