Did you ever think you and your sweetie could star in a romance novel?  Are you too spicy for that or too mild?  yournovel.com will let you choose between a mild or wild version of romance and, starting at about $50, create a personal virtual fantasy for you and your sweetie beloved.

Yournovel.com’s founders Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher, who form the husband/wife writing team Fletcher Newbern, have been penning the novels since they met and fell in love in 1992. Each book is personalized throughout with more than 25 details about the starring couple crafted from an online questionnaire, including names, hometown, places of work, eye and hair color, best friends, favorite perfume, cologne and music, affectionate nicknames for one another, and how long they’ve been a couple. There's even the option of adding the starring couple's photo to the book cover, and novels come in paperback or hardback.

One romance? I want the series! I want to laze on the Caribbean beaches, gaze into my beloved's eyes over a fine glass of Barbera di Asti in Rome and take the Alaskan cruise, all without leaving our bedroom. Think of the fun we'd have – not only in the location of our choice, but reading about our wild encounters with pirates on the high seas! What's your fantasy? Here's your chance! A bodice-ripper? They have that!

What a very fun gift this would be for both of you.  Hurry there are only 17 days to Christmas!]]>