For some great holiday shopping tips, from budgeting to what to buy, you must check out Jennifer Melnick Carotas site the Gift Therapist.  What is a gift therapist?  Well, we can all use some type of therapy when it comes to gift giving as there are so many extremes, from spending more than we can afford on gifts to buying so many gifts that you're not quite sure who you're giving them all to.  Or some people become so stressed out with the gift giving process that they don't even know where to start and there is little enjoyment found in it. This year go to the Gift Therapist site and learn what Giveology is all about. According to Jen, when asked what is her favorite sanity saver... "As an expert Giveologist, my mantra is "focus on the giving, rather than on the gift." Forget about price-tags and obligatory spending! Give the best you can with what you've got and feel great about it. If you take the time to put together a meaningful gift that reflects your cherished relationship with that person, you will hit a home run every time...even if you only spent $10."

Jen can help you with gift ideas - check out Advice and Tips, Sanity Savers, and Top 20 Gifts for 2008.  I want you to know that Strappys Decorative Bra Straps are Gift Therapist Approved and have received her approval seal.  She didn't actually know about Strappys until she had put her top 20 together.  Had she known I have a feeling she would have had to expand her list to the Top 21 gifts as all the top 20 are really cool.  Check them out - they're available online.]]>