This is a wonderful family tradition to start this December first.  In the spirit of the advent calendar and the count down to Christmas why not wrap all of your Christmas stories in gift paper and have your child open one a day.  The family can read a Christmas story every night for the countdown to Christmas.  Your tree will look great with wrapped gifts sitting under it and your kids will be excited to open a "gift" every day.   You may not even get the usual request, "Can I open just one BEFORE Christmas?"

I went through our book shelves and found 9 books of Christmas stories.  A quick trip to the used book store and  I was able to come up with 13 more. Just a couple left to find. My kids have to read for a half an hour every day as part of their "homework".  This gives us a set of stories to read for the month of Christmas and a new family tradition that gets us in the Christmas spirit.]]>