My preteen son had definite ideas about how he wanted his new bedroom to look.  He wanted a skateboarding theme and red and black walls.  One wall red, one black, and oh yes some stripes too!  That sounded like a lot of work and paint.  Quick I had to think of something that would pull all this together. LUCKILY on an outing to Bed, Bath and Beyond we came across Quicksilver bedding in grey, black and red! I couldn't believe the sticker price on the collection that included the comforter, sham,  throw pillows and sheets.  One look at his face and I knew he really wanted this bedding. So just like a Mom, I said, "I will buy you this bedding if you promise to make your bed every day." It was the perfect deal. He got his bedding and that bed has been made every day for the past 3 months.  We then went on to paint the walls - all of them- grey.  But he kept insisting on stripes.  Thankfully I found this really cool product at Lowe's. It's called Wall POPS!  It was a 16 1/2 foot by 6.5 inch wide stripe.  Also found online at walldecorshops. You pull the backing off as you unroll the sticker across the wall.  He now has a red stripe and a black stripe. And because he basically has large "sticker" stripes he is allowed to put all his collected skateboarding and skiing stickers on top of these stripes.  He takes pride in putting them up neatly.  As a matter of fact, he takes pride in taking care of his room.  It's his room.  He decorated it the way he wanted.  I, Mom, win because it is one less room in the house that I have to worry about!]]>