OK, I haven't worn long pants in months. But I have to say I'm looking forward to donning some of my favorite jeans. I bought the cutest clogs last year and found it so frustrating that the hem of my jeans would get bunched up in the back of my shoe. This also happened whenever I put on shoes with pants. Living in San Diego, I wore two types of shoes - basic flip flops and open toe shoes with heels that did not have a back. I could occasionally wear boots, but shock, did that without socks! Well here is the fashion fixer that was a top finalist in Oprah's search for the Next Big Idea, taa daa, Kix by Katie. I just ordered 3 packs. They come in 3 colors. Kix by Katie work by simply applying the lightweight, supportive strip to the inside back hemline of your pants. Acting like a "collar stay" for men's shirts, Kix by Katie adds a little extra weight and rigidity to the pant leg to keep it hanging nicely. Love these little fixes...one less frustration in the day so you can focus on what you need to.